CRST to Boost Drivers’ Pay

Updated: October 7, 2013
Driver Pay

Carrier CRST has announced plans to pay out an extra $10 million dollars to their drivers, marking the largest increase in company history. At a time when trucking companies across the United States are facing driver shortages, in part because of dissatisfaction with their jobs, CRST is doing a preemptive strike to make its drivers feel appreciated and valuable.

CRST president Cameron Holzer says, “Trucking is extremely important to the country. We move approximately four thousand shipments around the country every week.”

Holzer explains that the pay increase was implemented in part because of the new hours of service (HOS) regulations that reduced the number of hours a trucker can work to 70 from the previous 82 hours, a five percent drop that cuts into the drivers’ take home pay. So CRST decided to make up that difference. The pay increase kicks in on October 15th.

CRST driver Leon Chapman notes, “There’s two cents for lead drivers and four cents for any hazmat so that’s going to add up over time.”

The company was founded as Cedar Rapids Steel Transport, hauling iron and steel items from Chicago to Cedar Rapids and environs. The company changed its name to CRST in 1974 as it expanded into dry freight and refrigerated commodities.


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