NTDC Gets More Competitive

Updated: November 2, 2013
trucking championship

The American Trucking Associations’ (ATA) National Truck Driving Championships are about to become more competitive. The ATA board of directors has opened the contest up to all eligible drivers, regardless of whether their carrier is an ATA member or not.

ATA president and chief executive officer Bill Graves explains, “We’ve long billed this event as the ‘Super Bowl of Safety,’ so it is fitting that as college football moves to a more inclusive playoff system, we at ATA give more competitors a chance to test their mettle and compete for a championship,”

ATA holds the National Truck Driving Championships (NTDC) and National Step Van Driving Championships annually, and the winner is crowned Bendix National Truck Driving Championships Grand Champion. In 2014, NTDC will be held Aug. 12-16 in Pittsburgh, PA.

Executive director of the Massachusetts Trucking Association, Anne Lynch adds: “State association executives are proud of their members, particularly those that choose to compete in state truck driving championships. By making the national competition more inclusive, we’ll see even more competitors and we’ll be able to truly find the industry’s best drivers.”

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