Updated: April 13, 2013
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One of the most famous trucks on television, the rig from the legendary show “Movin’ On”, has been restored to its original glory. The seminal American television show ran for only two seasons between 1974 and 1976, but its memory lives on to this day. “Movin’ On” starred Claude Akins as the classic big-rig trucker Sonny Pruitt and co-starred Frank Converse as his trucking partner Will Chandler. However, not everyone knows that the show actually originated as a television movie called “In Tandem” before becoming a series under the better known name, “Movin’ On”.

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The truck in the original television movie was a dark green 1973 Kenworth W-925 but this was substituted to a 1974 model for the entire run of the series. The arduous process of restoration has been done on the better known 1974 model to bring it back to looking as close as possible to the condition of the truck during the filming of the series. Once the time-consuming task of sanding the many layers of paint was completed, it was discovered that the original “S. Pruitt” was still present on both doors, bringing the details of the television truck back to life. The frame was carefully sandblasted and subsequently painted to revive the authentic look of the famous truck.

Unlike some other television shows, on “Movin’ On” Akins and Converse actually drove the truck during filming. Another interesting fact is that the theme song for the show, also called “Movin’ On”, became a number one single on the Billboard magazine “Hot Country Singles” chart in July 1975. This created a hit for the writer and performer of the song, the legendary Merle Haggard.

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An increase in the popularity of CB Radios in the mid-1970s presented a great merchandising opportunity for the show, and “Movin’ On” walkie-talkies became a great seller. Truckers would speak over their CB Radio to say that they were going to “do it like Sunny Pruitt”, further signifying the strong influence that this classic television series had over the entire trucking industry.

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  1. Steven Kelly WABX

    April 14, 2013 at 8:07 pm

    Claude Akins often told the story of how he was having dinner in a hotel once, when he was approached by members of the Secret Service. It turns out President Ford and his wife were big fans of the show. The President was in the hotel and wanted to meet him. He told Akins “Now I can tell Betty that I know more about ‘Movin’ On’ than she does!”

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