Truckers Block Impaired Driver

Updated: August 30, 2013
white semi truck moving on highway

Truckers are known for their heroic actions saving motorists injured in accidents. This St. Louis trucker is credited with preventing a potentially catastrophic accident.

Hero Truckers

On the afternoon of Wednesday, August 21, FW Trucking driver Reggie Ewing was driving on I-70 in North St. Louis County when the car in front of him veered off the interstate into a ditch. Ewing could see the woman driving had a baby in the car with her. Worried they had been injured, Ewing pulled over, intended to go check on the woman and child.

To his surprise, the woman was trying to get the car out of the ditch and back onto the busy road. Ewing feared that a slow moving vehicle pulling out into traffic was a recipe for a potentially disastrous accident. So he pulled his tractor-trailer forward to block the woman’s access to the freeway.

While he kept an eye on the woman and waited for the authorities to arrive on the scene, another FW Trucking driver, Jeremy Jones, also pulled over to see if his co-worker needed any help. Not long after the police, firemen, and EMS personnel arrived. Officers, who took the woman into custody, told Ewing the police believed the female motorist was involved in a hit and run accident earlier that afternoon and suspected she was driving under the influence.

Mark Cusumano, chief executive officer and president of FW Trucking says, “Reggie’s quick actions prevented this situation from turning deadly for the woman behind the wheel, her child in the car and the other drivers sharing that stretch of highway. Both Reggie and Jeremy thought they were simply pulling over to help a motorist in distress, but in seconds they went from good Samaritans to heroes assisting the police in apprehending a hit and run driver and potentially saving lives.”

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