Truckers Threaten Strike on DC

Updated: September 18, 2013
convoy of trucks to DC

Facebook page “Truckers to Shut Down America,” has declared a strike on Washington DC to take place October 11-13. Although it is not clear how many truckers plan to participate in the strike, the Facebook page is gaining likes at rapid speed since it was started on Sunday. Not all of those likes are truckers, but the momentum is apparent.

The Facebook community description reads, “The American people are sick and tired of the corruption that is destroying America! We therefore declare a GENERAL STRIKE on the weekend of October 11-13, 2013! Truck drivers will not haul freight! Americans can strike in solidarity with truck drivers!”

After several hundred thousand bikers made their presence known in DC last week, Truckers to Shut Down America is following suit to gain recognition and temporarily cripple national commerce.

Motives behind the strike are broad, but generally cite “crimes against the people and the Constitution.” Specifics listed in one post range from Obamacare to Benghazi to the call to remove Muslims not upholding the Constitution from office:

My fellow Patriot this effort is to support the truckers in a major shut down of America in a 3 day strike October 11th thru 13th. Obamacare will be in effect and most people will be ready to take action. No commerce on those days stock up on items that you will need. No banking no shopping no money transactions. It does not matter. If a million or 50 roll through DC in this effort. Congress will listen to We The People. Which is remove Obama from office for crimes of treason and misdemeanors. We want Congressional hearing on Benghazi and Seal Team 6. Louis Learner put in jail. No amnesty, remove all Muslims in our government that do not uphold the Constitution. Remove Eric Holder from office for crimes against the people and the Constitution. Last but not least is Fuel prices.

Whether the strike will have the effect intended will not be known until after the fact, but it is clear that there is unrest amongst the people and Truckers to Shut Down America has a plan that many are rallying behind.



  1. Tracy Curran

    September 18, 2013 at 5:08 pm

    I think we should strike to many new rules my husband and I don’t have health ins because we can’t afford its just not right we need ins we are not young anymore.

  2. slickniak

    September 18, 2013 at 10:33 pm

    It’s about time Truckers bring the U.S Government down to their knees and have them beg for mercy. With truckers at a stand still. Our Government will weaken by the day. Truckers keep our world moving. So in reality who is the real Power Hound the U.S Government or The Trucker Brotherhood ??? I say Truckers are the real Power Hounds. SO PLEASE SUPPORT OUR TRUCKERS STRIKE ON DC Oct 11-13- 2013. IT’S TIME WE STAND UP THE U.S.A. BACK ON IT’S FEET GET OUR DIGNITY BACK AND BE PROUD OF OUR COUNTRY AS AMERICANS LIKE WE ONCE WERE. PLEASE SHARE THIS

  3. John Kondrach

    October 12, 2013 at 9:41 am

    I parked the truck for the weekend enough is enough , im tired of the government , sticking there nose where it should not be ,,, computers ,/ E logs / restriction after restriction heres something for u … start ur day @ 4 am and get stuck in traffic ,, then u have a mandatory break during 8 hrs oh by the way if u don’t get ur job done today with in the 11 hrs ,, um to bad , find a cot hope u brought a blanket because u don’t get to go home ,, no home time no dinner no shower , the computer and the regulation say ur in violation and no you cant travel for 30 more minuts because your just that close to home , so ur down for the next 10 hrs TO BAD ! if you have to use the restroom TOO BAD ! now get the government out of the trucking industry

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